Berlin Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a tradition designers look forward to around the world. Every year, four major fashion weeks take place in the world at New York, London, Milan, and Paris. However, there are many more fashion weeks that take places in other cities, such as Berlin, Germany. The Berlin Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2010 will be the sixth season to take place.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week presents the opportunity to designers and fashion houses to display their newest collections and the hottest trends of the season. Buyers typically attend these fashion shows for a sneak peak into what will be the "in" fashion pieces of the year.

Fashion shows in lesser known areas, like the Midwest in the United States, can help generate funding for important charities and other causes. Some smaller cities benefit tremendously from fashion week. In fact, fashion weeks can serve as an important part of the economy of such cities.

The first New York Fashion Week was held in 1943 and captures an interesting beginning. The main purpose of the event was to focus attention o­n American fashion during WWII, rather than French fashion. During this time, fashion designers and other workers were unable to travel to Paris to see the latest French designs. Rather, the New York Fashion Week was intended to support American designers and their own inventive creations. Eleanor Lambert, a fashion publicist, organized the first fashion week in order to generate publicity amongst American fashion designers.

After the first fashion week, the most high-end couture magazines like Vogue began covering Fashion Week in New York and around the world.

At the Berlin Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, typically about 21 designers showcase their work. For 2010, some of the designers included renowned names like Boss Black and newer designers like Chaya and Frida Weyer.