Christian Dior

Marlene Dietrich with Dior Costume
Christian Dior is o­ne of the foremost fashion designers creating pieces of luxury, class, and elegance. He is known for saying that he created "flower women," meaning stylish silhouettes in his fashion that flattered women of all shapes. Dior is renowned for creating ornate bustiers and incredible feminine dresses that flare from the waist.

Christian Dior presented his first collection, "Corolle," in 1947. Dior transformed fashion during that time by creating voluptuous and sensual designs that embraced feminine shapes. Prior to Dior's designs, the World War II styles had been boxy, angular, and created out of inexpensive materials. Dior utilized beautiful fabrics in a luxuriant way that no o­ne had ever seen during the time of World War II.

The Dior label attracts some of the most influential people in the world. The label has traditionally been associated with the most "elite" people, with expensive couture pieces even too pricey for the most wealthy people.

Some of the world's best designers have discovered their start at the Dior fashion house. John Galliano even designed his first dress at Dior exclusively for Princess Diana. Yves Saint Laurent received his beginning at the Dior fashion house in 1953, ultimately becoming head designer and going o­n to create his own line of fashion.

Celebrities consistently wear Dior fashion to Hollywood events like the Oscars and Academy Awards. Politicians wear Dior to formal events. The versatility of Dior high fashion can simply not be ignored. Jackie Kennedy constantly turned to Dior fashion as a way to portray her grace as First Lady during her husband's administration. Other celebrities that constantly wear Dior are Kate Hudson, Charlize Theoron, Sandra Bullock, and Mischa Barton.

Christian Dior remains o­ne of the most influential designers in the world of high class fashion for his attention to feminine forms and shapes.