Milan Fashion Week

These days, all eyes are o­n Milan, Italy when it comes to fashion. Here, fashion designers and fashion models meet to show the world the latest in fashion. The Camera Moda in Milan is a four-day event that provides the opportunity for designers to show off their fashions; and for everyone else to see what's coming up.

History of Fashion Week in Milan

Milan didn't become the center of fashion until the end of the 60's. Prior to that, the center of fashion in Italy was in Florence in the 1950's. From there, it moved to Rome, but that o­nly lasted until the late 60's, when, after the war and social upheaval in France, fashion again began to change. Women wanted equality. And they started wearing pants. o­ne wise designer, Elio Fiorucci, took advantage of the situation and opened his shop, selling women's jeans, right in Milan. Just o­ne event catapulting Milan to the fashion stage.

Another reason fashion moved to Milan? During a fashion show in Florence, designer Rosita and Ottavio Missoni noticed the model's lingerie fell beneath the skirt of the dresses. It was too late to change it and the models went o­n stage with their lingerie showing. A first. The next year, the Missonis weren't invited back to that show, so they held their own show in Milan. It was a huge success and later, other designers decided to participate as well.

Overview of Fashion Week

Fashion Week is, quite simply, a celebration of Italy, fashion, style and design. Italian designers put together their own designs, made in Italy with Italian products. Fashion enthusiasts and international buyers can visit Milan during fashion week for a preview of what's to come.

And those designs gracing runway models? It's not long before they'll show up in stores worldwide.