New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is o­ne of the most important fashion events throughout the entire year and is held in New York City. New York City is o­ne of three other cities in which fashion week is held every year. This worldwide event also takes place in London, Milan, and Paris.

New York Fashion Week offers designers a great opportunity to display their latest collections to fashion magazine editors, fashion journalists, potential buyers, and other affluent people. Celebrities typically go to great lengths to get front row tickets to various fashion shows taking place during New York Fashion Week. The New York Fashion Week is essentially another incredibly popular social event for the City's affluent and elite.

New York Fashion Week originally began with the title "Press Week." There is an interesting history behind the creation of New York Fashion Week that often surprises people. During World War II, New York Fashion Week was created as a distraction from French fashion. Eleanor Lambert was the driving force behind the first New York Fashion Week. She created the event in order to promote American designers and their designs, in a world in which American designers were typically perceived as being influenced by French fashion designers.

After the first New York Fashion Week was held in 1943, fashion magazines around the world began featuring more American-made designs. Vogue was o­ne of the first fashion magazines to begin exclusively featuring American fashion in the pages of its publication.

Currently, New York Fashion Week is held in Bryant Park under a bunch of white tents. Admission is granted to attendees o­nly through invitations.

New York Fashion Week has historically dictated the political and social climate of the world. Historically, there have been occurrences in which fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana make bold statements in support of homosexual marriage through their fashion. In 2009, many fashion designers created "recession-proof" fashion that was affordable and convertible for buyers. Fashion designers also tried out new ideas at the 2009 show in order to save money, such as using multiple designers for o­ne runway show.

New York Fashion Week will always be an edgy way for designers to introduce their latest collections. It is a tradition and highly regarded fashion event in the world.