One Management

One Management is o­ne of the best modeling agencies in the world and is located in New York City. Created in 2002, the modeling agency appeals to a hipper and younger audience. The website displays a list of the current models with contracts at o­ne Management.

The motto behind o­ne Management modeling agency is "Fashion, Film, Music, and Celebrity." The agency takes o­n a whole new, multi-media approach to serving as a modeling agency that is also flexible with the needs of its clients.

Scott Lipps created o­ne Management and now serves as President of the company. Scott Lipps created o­ne Management with the idea that he could bridge the gap between multiple industries like music and "high-end" editorials.

Prior to creating o­ne Management, Scott Lipps was an agent for top models in the industry. Lipps intentionally created the agency with a specific style and sort of "rock and roll" appeal. o­ne Management also has an office located in Los Angeles. The L.A. location represents musical artists.

In such a short amount of time, o­ne Management has become a renowned agency with some of the most high-profile models in the industry. The agency represents Claudia Schiffer, Iman, Helena Christenson, and Josie Maran. In addition, the L.A. location represents the pop star Cassie. o­ne Music Division also represents renowned artists and actresses like Eve and Duran Duran. o­ne Management also works with a variety of actors and actresses, such as Michelle Lomardo, Maggie Grace, and Frances O'Connor.

One Management offers a multi-media experience that is unique in the world of modeling agencies. It is a great option for models seeking a more contemporary culture.